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In Appreciation

It takes people, resources, creativity, and support of all types to make an event of this kind – and a program of this size – be a successful undertaking. We are especially appreciative of the following people (and apologize in advance for any oversights):

Temple University Administration and Staff

In particular:

The Inside-Out Team

Staff and Consultants:

Interns and Student Event Volunteers:

Several formerly incarcerated Inside-Out alumni / coaches who have key roles in this event, who will be involved and introduced throughout our time together.

Conference Committee:
Deep appreciation to the dozens of Inside-Out instructors, former inside and outside students, and friends who met throughout the past year to put form on the germ of an idea. This would not have happened without you!

Others Who Helped to Make This Event a Reality:

Financial Support:

We are incredibly fortunate to have received significant financial support for this event from the following colleges / universities and individuals:

We want to also offer appreciation to the many friends of the program who donate, sometimes on a monthly basis, and have given so generously over the years. We are grateful for all of the support that we receive. Besides helping Inside-Out grow as a program, it is also an ongoing inspiration to us. These gifts are multiplied in the many lives that they touch.

Students studying

Photo credit: Ryan Brandenburg

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