Inside-Out Resource Community

Upon completion of The Inside-Out Instructor Training Institute, you will have joined an international community of educators and leaders who are committed to changing the world through transformative education and dialogue. There are several ways that The Inside-Out Center offers support to those who have completed the training.

The Inside-Out Center has also begun an initiative to use an online platform to provide ongoing support to instructors and facilitate communication and collaboration.

The Inside-Out Resource Community (IRC) is housed in an online learning management system called Canvas to provide access to a resource collection, discussion forums, and collaborative workspaces. Canvas is like Blackboard and other learning management systems commonly used by universities and colleges. Once you complete your Inside-Out training, The Inside-Out Center will reach out to you with an invitation to enroll. Once you have completed the enrollment process, you will have access to the following.

Resource Collection
The IRC resource collection includes documents such as syllabi from multiple academic disciplines, memoranda of understanding (MOUs), training materials, research materials, classroom exercises, group project examples, program development resources, and much more. NOTE: These resources are intended only for instructors who have taken the Inside-Out training.

Members can self-enroll in a variety of groups based on geography, academic discipline, committee work, training cohort, or other topical interests. Each group will have its own discussion forum and can work on collaborative projects.

Discussion Forums
There will be general discussion forums for topics pertaining to the broader community, such as strategizing outreach to correctional facilities, convincing universities to pay for inside student credit, working through teaching challenges, coming up with new ideas for classroom exercises, etc.

Inside-Out will be hosting periodic webinars on topics relevant to Inside-Out instructors such as: developing relationships with correctional facilities, establishing think tanks, professional and emotional self-care, dealing with trauma in the classroom, etc.

Consultation and Support
Inside-Out Center staff members are available for consultation inside the Canvas space. We are also working to cultivate peer leadership and support mechanisms among instructors. This is a work in process and we welcome your ideas!

NOTE:  The IRC is available to anyone who has completed the Inside-Out training. To request enrollment, please fill out THIS FORM. If you have any questions or you would like to share resources with the community, please send an email to

Take a look inside the Inside-Out Resource Community.

“I feel incredibly thankful to have stumbled upon the world of Inside-Out teaching. My involvement in Inside-Out has given me a venue, even as I am employed at an elite university, to put significant energies into education with disenfranchised people, as well as into collaboration amidst deep forms of diversity. The experience has highlighted the transformative value to students of combining intellectual, emotional and experiential learning. I have expanded my capacities and deepened my knowledge as an instructor and as a human being.”
(Inside-Out Instructor)