Lori Pompa, Founder and Executive Director
Lori Pompa, Founder and Executive Director
215-204-5163 | Email:

Eilene Frierson
Eilene Frierson, Inside-Out Training and Center Coordinator
215-204-5163 | Email:
Contact Eilene for all training inquiries.

Tyrone Werts
Tyrone Werts, International Think Tank Coordinator
215-204-3242 | Email:
Contact Tyrone about think tanks and guidance on developing partnerships with correctional facilities.

Ann Schwartzman
Ann Schwartzman, Local Network and Support Coordinator
215-204-2201 | Email:
Ann is responsible for coordinating Inside-Out classes and programs in the Philadelphia area, coordinating activity across Pennsylvania, and building organizational support.

“I didn’t expect to learn so much. I didn’t expect to grow and change as a result of the process….As I reflect on the power of this course, I am awestruck and humbled...and certain that I do not want it to end here.”
(Outside Participant)

David Krueger
David Krueger, Interim Assistant Director
Contact Dave for questions related to media, social media, and the Instructor Resource Community.

Alexandria Levin
Alexandria Levin, Web and Graphic Designer

John Pace
John Pace, Program Associate
215-204-5650 | Email: