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Inside-Out in the Media

Inside-Out classes regularly receive attention in print, radio, and television, with more than 600+ news pieces appearing across North America, Europe, and Australia featuring the Inside-Out model.

Select Media:

(6/27/2019) Yale Law School Today (New Haven)
“Studying Criminal Justice from the Inside Out”

(5/2/2019) Inside Time (U.K.)
“Breaking Down Walls”

(3/21/2019) VIU News (British Columbia)
“Program that Brings Inmates and University Students Together Expanding”

(3/31/2017) Next City (U.S.)
"After 36 Years in Prison, This Philadelphian Has a Model for Criminal Justice Reform"

(Fall 2016) Lumina Foundation (Philadelphia)
“Innovative Program Turns Prisoners Into Classroom Peers”

(1/30/2016) BBC News (U.K.)
“Durham University's Inside-Out scheme sees students study with prisoners”

(1/24/2016) Independent (U.K.)
“Prisoners study alongside Durham University undergraduates in unique criminology course”

(9/14/2015) NPR – All Things Considered (U.S.)
“Inside-Out: Where Campus Life Meets Prison Life”

(1/29/2015) VICE MEDIA LLC
“The Exchange Program That Puts College Kids in Classrooms with Prisoners”

(Spring 2014) Temple Now (Philadelphia)
“Education from the Inside Out”

(3/4/2014) Radio Times (NPR – Philadelphia)
“The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program”

(3/3/2014) Newsworks (NPR – Philadelphia)
“Temple class inside prison lets undergrads and inmates learn from each other”

Articles have also appeared in the following publications, among many others:

“Part of my personal philosophy has always been that in order to be a complete and fully realized person, you have to see and experience everything possible and that I could never completely understand myself without seeking to understand others. …A few months ago… I discovered The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program® and decided that this was exactly the type of unique experience that I always sought after and I was anxious to become a part of it. I didn’t know then how profoundly this experience would affect me.”

(Outside Student)

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