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In Memoriam

Remembering JoAnne Epps, Temple’s 13th President

So much has been said about JoAnne Epps since her sudden death on Tuesday — and it is all true. Her intellectual brilliance, strength as a leader, sense of humor, spiritual grounding and, undergirding it all, her huge heart — so clearly loving this extraordinary institution and the countless people she met in her nearly 40 years here at Temple.

We knew JoAnne as someone who cared about everyone, no matter what their station in life. She loved and really “got” our program (Inside-Out), through which we bring together students and incarcerated folks to study justice issues together. She was extremely supportive of what we have been doing, including our attempts to get the program into law schools across the nation.

JoAnne was a remarkable human being — an example of someone who lived and expressed the fullness of what it means to be human. We can all learn so much by the way she walked through the world — with humility and grace.

From Temple University:

JoAnne Epps

JoAnne Epps, as provost, speaking at Inside-Out’s 20th Anniversary reception in October, 2017.

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