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State and Regional Coordinators

State and regional coordinators support the Inside-Out program in the following ways:

Coordinators volunteer to serve for two-year terms and are subject to annual review by The Inside-Out Center.

Please note that coordinators are expected to serve the interests of all Inside-Out instructors in their state or region, and not simply their own institutions.

If you have questions or concerns about state / regional coordination, or would like to volunteer, please email Lori Pompa at

Currently, Inside-Out has coordinators in the following geographic areas:


Contact: Marietta Martinovic:


Contact: TBD


Contact: TBD


Contact: Danielle Strickland:

The Netherlands

Contact: TBD

United Kingdom

Contact: TBD


Contact: Katie Owens-Murphy:


Contact: Kevin Wright:


Contact: TBD


Contact: Michael Delaney:


Contact: Amy Smoyer:


Contact: Chrysanthi Leon:


Contact: Sarah Allred:

Federal (U.S.) Corrections Coordinator

Contact: Jeri Kirby:


Contact: Christina Rivers:


Contact: Sue Hyatt:


Contact: TBD


Contact: Susan T. Krumholz: and Kristin Bumiller:


Contact: Jennifer Cobbina:


Contact: Shelly Schaefer:

New York

Contact: Michelle Ronda:


Contact: Renee Heberle:


Contact: TBD

Pennsylvania / Greater Philadelphia

Contact: Ann Schwartzman:


Contact: Travis Meyers:


Contact: Sascha Goluboff:

Washington DC

Contact: Tiffany Simmons:

West Virginia

Contact: Jeri Kirby:

“It would be impossible in this space here to fully describe what I have gained from these last few days together and how much I can feel a huge transformation on the horizon for me, both inside the classroom and out. I feel like an egg that is almost ready to hatch…almost… More specifically, I will take away a newfound faith that I can facilitate a learning environment that is very different from my previous experience, but still consistent with my most deeply held beliefs. I also take away particular concrete skills and resources that are too many to mention here. I have met new colleagues with whom I intend to collaborate further and with whom I hope to become friends. And, perhaps most importantly, I will take away a renewed faith in the student in all of us – and in my particular students.”

(Inside-Out Instructor, reflecting on the weeklong training)

Inside-Out training in Mexico

“Through my participation in this training, I have gained a greater sense of hope, love, and a brighter future, if not for myself, then for those I love. Being in this training is like assurance that the struggles will continue and we (people in prison) have not and will not be forgotten. I also feel like I’ve gained more family, for Inside-Out is my family, and those who are training are now also my family.”

(Think Tank member, reflecting on the weeklong training)

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