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Podcast Episode 12

Interview with Chris Lamoureux

August 31, 2021

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The 12th episode of the Inside-Out Podcast features Christopher Lee Lamoureux, who served 14 months in prison in British Columbia, Canada. Chris shares about his time before, during and after incarceration, and how his family, friends and culture served as a support network. While incarcerated, Chris had the opportunity to take part in the Vancouver Island University Inside-Out Program. Chris reflects on what this program meant for him, and how it impacted his life upon reentry. "To any folks who may listen to this, look for opportunities to support incarcerated folks. By helping to deliver a sense of purpose and meaning, it breathes life into hopeless situations. Thank you to all those who have made this a life's mission and a life's purpose. It's definitely changed the trajectory in my life. And I believe it's the case for anybody who takes this experience. It's pretty special."
– Christopher Lamoureux

The Inside-Out podcast is hosted by Dave Krueger from The Inside-Out Center, the international headquarters of The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program® at Temple University’s College of Liberal Arts.

Chris Lamoureux

Chris Lamoureux

Morgan Mifflin

This episode features guest interviewer Morgan Mifflin, an Inside-Out intern and recent graduate of Temple University.

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