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Podcast Episode 3

Interview with Recently-Released Men Who Had Been Serving Juvenile Life-Without-Parole Sentences

September 14, 2017

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In 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court held in Miller v. Alabama that it is unconstitutional to sentence a juvenile offender to mandatory life-without-parole. A 2016 ruling allowed this to be applied retroactively. In practical terms, this means that those juvenile offenders previously sentenced to mandatory life-with-out-parole can seek re-sentencing by the trial court. That is exactly what happened to John Pace, Stacey Torrance, and Charles Brown. They were featured in a Philadelphia Inquirer article from September 6, 2017, about formerly-incarcerated "juvenile lifers." In this, the third episode of the Inside-Out podcast, Dave Krueger talks with them about their experiences of higher education in prison and the role that Inside-Out courses played in their personal and professional development.

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John Pace: I served 31 years of a life sentence, most recently at SCI-Graterford. I now work as a program associate for the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program and lead a monthly support group for those adapting to life outside of prison.

Stacey Torrance: I went to prison at the age of 14 for second-degree murder and served 29 years of a life without parole sentence. If I would sum up my life up to this present day, in a phrase, I would say: "With every hardship comes a greater relief and benefit. Contemplate the meaning of these words and you will have taken a glimpse of my life.

Charles Brown: I went to prison at the age of 16 and served 36 years. I hope one day to become a successful entrepreneur. I'm grateful to have a second chance.

John Pace

After serving 31 years in prison, John now works as a program associate for the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program.

Stacey Torrance and Charles Brown

Stacey Torrance (left) and Charles Brown (right) served part of their sentences together at SCI-Chester outside of Philadelphia.

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