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Podcast Episode 4

Interview with Nick Cannon and Story by Ghani

January 29, 2018

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The fourth episode of the Inside-Out Podcast features world-famous entertainer Nick Cannon. Nick is best known from popular television shows such as NBC's America’s Got Talent, MTV’s Wild and Out, and movies such as Drumline and Chi-raq. Nick recently spent a week at the Inside-Out Instructor Training Institute sponsored by The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program®. Nick talks about his journey as educator, his heart for justice, and his passion to tell stories from those at the margins of society. Also, in this episode, you'll hear a spoken-word piece called Lessons from the Geese, recited by Kempis "Ghani" Songster. Ghani was recently released from Graterford Prison after serving 30 years.

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The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program:

The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program facilitates dialogue and education across profound social differences. Inside-Out courses bring traditional college students and incarcerated students together in jails and prisons for semester-long learning. These courses ignite enthusiasm for learning, help students find their voice, and challenge students to consider what good citizenship requires.

Since it began in 1997, Inside-Out has grown into an international network of more than 1,000 trained instructors from across the U.S. and several countries. Correctional and higher education institutions have partnered to create opportunities for more than 38,000 "inside" and "outside" students to move beyond the walls that separate them. Inside-Out generates social change through transformative education.

We are more than a program. We are changing the world.

More info: To apply for a spot in one of our upcoming instructor training institutes, click here. To help support our efforts to recruit, train, and support educators to teach Inside-Out courses around the world, make a financial contribution by clicking here.

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon attending the Inside-Out training at Pendle Hill.

Nick Cannon and Ghani

Ghani got to meet Nick when he stopped by the training to share his reflections on life at Graterford Prison.

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