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Safety Considerations

In order to ensure the safety of everyone, it is essential that all participants carefully follow rules and policies established by the correctional facility and the instructor. For example:

How can I participate in an Inside-Out course?

You can view our list of higher education facilities to see if your college or university has offered Inside-Out courses. If so, when registering for classes, you can reach out to an academic adviser within your college or university to find out if Inside-Out courses are currently offered. If your institution does not currently offer any classes, you can encourage your professors to enroll in one of the Inside-Out Instructor Training Institutes.

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Inside-Out class

An image created by the students of an Inside-Out class offered at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia that included formerly incarcerated students and campus-based students. The class, conducted on Zoom in Spring 2021 by Ann Green, was called “Race, Class, and Gender.”

Inside-Out class

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